Commercial Organic Agricultural Compost Products List

Organic Compost Chicken Manure

Well composted aged, screened organic chicken manure.
* Note – This product does contain some feathers.

Organic Compost Steer/Dairy Manure

Well composted dark, aged, screened organic steer manure.

Organic Compost Mushroom Manure

Well composted, dark, aged, organic screened mushroom manure.

Organic Compost Manures Blend

Well composted, aged, screened blend of organic  chicken, steer, mushroom, mulch/manures blend.

Agrologist formulated and tested specifically for BC’s dry windy southern Okanagan climate and soils/sands for grape vine and tree-fruit application.

OMRI Listed
Farmers field

We offer the above four organic/conventional composts for all your soil, crops, or fertilizer needs. We do NOT use sewage nor biosolids in any of our organic compost products. We have lab analysis test available. We are a commercial transport our minimum deliver products 15 yards-60 yards options. We deliver year-round with consistent high-volume supply. We DO NOT currently offer or load at a location.


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